Hello to any followers who might still care for this account! It has been a LONG while since I have posted anything (almost two years, I think, yeesh). (Also, for some reason there was a picture of lions up on here and I don’t even know what that’s about.)

Unfortunately, I became too busy to mantain this blog, and lost access to it for a very long time. By the time I was finally able to regain access, it had been so long and there had been so much content, that it seemed impossible to even attempt to catch up. (Also, I don’t own a personal computer anymore, which means I can’t save files, upload songs, use photoshop, etc.)

This is not to say that the account will be bouncing back, but I’d hate to delete this blog. People still continue to follow the account, access the media and links I’ve uploaded, and send in their questions. This was one of the very first sources for L&M fans, and has been recognized by the girls.

So, if there are any people interested - I will be passing this account onto one or multiple admins that would like to run this blog. You should have regular internet/tumblr access, and preferably some kind of editing software (like photoshop). Just send a message to the account and I will respond as quickly as possible. If no one is interested, the account will simply remain inactive.

There are also a twitter and instagram that go along, and if you are interesed in all three or just one, please let me know.

Anonymous asked: “ I love your blog, but I miss it when you post awesome stuff :( Please continue! I have no access to them :( ”

I’m sorry, I am literally so busy with school that I never have time for this blog. :( But I’m trying!


Anonymous asked: “ Hi! Could you maybe put the "I wear my sunglasses at night" cover up (from the MKFNO video? Thanks! <3 ”
chocolatecandycravings asked: “ Do they have instagram or twitter? ”

You can find all of their accounts here: http://lennonandmaisyfans.tumblr.com/links :) 

beyond-her-smile asked: “ when are their birthdays? ”

August 13th is Lennon’s, and December 13th is Maisy’s! :)

Hi guys! SUPER sorry about the lack of posts, school for me has been absolutely hectic! :( I’m going to try and get as caught up as possible!


Anonymous asked: “ Do Lennon or maisy have a facebook account? ”

This is their public facebook :) If there’s a personal one, it’s personal for a reason! xox

Anonymous asked: “ Does Lennon have a boyfriend? Do you know their favorite movie? Much appreciated!:) ”

I don’t believe Lennon has a boyfriend. :) I’m not sure of their favorite movie, or if any collaborations are in the works, but I’ll post about it when I know!