Anonymous asked: “ I love your blog, but I miss it when you post awesome stuff :( Please continue! I have no access to them :( ”

I’m sorry, I am literally so busy with school that I never have time for this blog. :( But I’m trying!


Anonymous asked: “ Hi! Could you maybe put the "I wear my sunglasses at night" cover up (from the MKFNO video? Thanks! <3 ”
chocolatecandycravings asked: “ Do they have instagram or twitter? ”

You can find all of their accounts here: :) 

beyond-her-smile asked: “ when are their birthdays? ”

August 13th is Lennon’s, and December 13th is Maisy’s! :)

Hi guys! SUPER sorry about the lack of posts, school for me has been absolutely hectic! :( I’m going to try and get as caught up as possible!


Anonymous asked: “ Do Lennon or maisy have a facebook account? ”

This is their public facebook :) If there’s a personal one, it’s personal for a reason! xox

Anonymous asked: “ Does Lennon have a boyfriend? Do you know their favorite movie? Much appreciated!:) ”

I don’t believe Lennon has a boyfriend. :) I’m not sure of their favorite movie, or if any collaborations are in the works, but I’ll post about it when I know!